QFIN Alumni Scholarships

To recognize academic excellence, outstanding achievement, and contribution to the Quantitative Finance Programme, our dedicated alumni and benefactors from the Business School established the Quantitative Finance Alumni Scholarships for Outstanding Students and Overseas Exchange Awards in Honour of Prof. Dennis Fan in 2010.

The scholarship is awarded to well-rounded students who demonstrate exceptional intellect, leadership, and commitment to service. Selection criteria are based on various dimensions, including academic performance, extra-curricular activities, and contribution to the programme, as well as interview performance.

Candidates are required to submit a package that includes their CV, transcript, personal statement, and other supporting documents. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview conducted by a selection committee chaired by alumni representatives. Each year, one Outstanding Student scholarship and one Overseas Exchange scholarships are awarded, along with several merit scholarships to recognize other outstanding students.

Student Sharings