JUPAS Appliciants

  1. Students who are planning to take the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination can apply to our program through JUPAS (JUPAS code: JS4252). We highly encourage interested students to attend our Orientation Day on October 21, 2023, where they can participate in an information session, engage with current students, and gain hands-on experience in our financial trading laboratory. More details regarding the time and venue will be provided soon.
  3. JUPAS applicants who rank our program in Band A will be invited for a group interview in June. Invitations will be sent via email in early June, and the interview will last approximately 30 minutes. The interview will include a 30-second self-introduction, a group task, and a Q&A session. Applicants who rank our program in Band A after the release of HKDSE results may receive an invitation for an interview in late July.
  5. Admission to our program will be primarily based on HKDSE results. The admission score calculation will be based on the best five subjects, with English and Mathematics carrying double weighting, the best subject of M1/M2, and either Chemistry, Physics, or Economics carrying 1.5 weighting. Bonus points will be given for the 6th and 7th subjects, as well as for attending the interview (extra points will be awarded for outstanding performance).