1. Established in 1998, we are the first quantitative finance program in Hong Kong. A rich history allows us to build a strong alumni network. Our alumni are now working in various positions in the financial industry, providing our current students with invaluable connections and opportunities. Furthermore, our alumni are dedicated to giving back to the program and its students. They hold sharing sessions, teach classes, act as mentors, and provide scholarships to support the next generation of students. Their willingness to help their juniors is a testament to the strong sense of community that our program fosters.
  3. Our Financial Trading Laboratory is another valuable resource for our students. Equipped with Bloomberg and Refinitiv terminals, our students have access to real-world data, which allows them to apply theoretical concepts to practical situations. This hands-on experience is invaluable in preparing our students for careers in the financial industry.
  5. Our program's ability to attract talented and passionate students from diverse backgrounds has resulted in a dynamic and stimulating learning environment. As a result, our students have achieved outstanding performance in various investment competitions, including CFA Institute Research Challenge, CQA Investment Challenge, FOAHK Case Competition, HKSII Case Competition, and McGill International Portfolio Challenge.
  7. We believe that higher education is a time for students to explore their interests and passions. That's why, in addition to the required courses for their program and the university, students are given the opportunity to choose 12 credits worth of courses that they want to explore. This allows them to delve into a variety of fields and discover new interests. Furthermore, students have the option to use these credits to pursue a minor in a specific area of study, such as Computer Science, Economics, French, Mathematics, Philosophy, Risk Management, Statistics, and more.
  9. In addition, we have a dedicated placement director who provides career advice and support to our students. This includes resume and cover letter reviews, interview preparation, and networking opportunities. Our placement officer also works closely with companies and organizations to connect our students with internship and job opportunities.

Our quantitative program is looking for students who have a strong passion for finance and possess excellent problem solving skills. In today's age of AI, it is important for students to also have good communication skills in order to differentiate themselves from AI and be successful in the financial industry.

Our quantitative finance program provides students with comprehensive training to prepare them for the challenges of the financial industry today. Our graduates are not limited to working in quant roles, as many of them have pursued careers in asset management, private banking, consulting, and managerial positions. Given the numerous career paths available, we offer sharing sessions and seminars to help students understand the nature of different roles.

In addition to the required courses from the university and our program, we offer credits to QFIN students to pursue their own interests by taking other courses they like. This allows students to choose a minor in a field they want to focus on. Some minors among our students include Computer Science, Economics, French, Mathematics, Philosophy, Risk Management, and Statistics.

Our program welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. For students taking examinations other than HKDSE, they can apply through the Non-JUPAS scheme.

JUPAS applicants who rank our program in Band A will be invited for an interview in June. The invitation will be sent via email in early June, and the interview will be conducted as a group interview that lasts around 30 minutes. The interview will consist of a 30-second self-introduction, a group task, and a Q&A session. For those who rank our program in Band A after the release of HKDSE results, they will receive an invitation for an interview in late July.

  1. Due to the overwhelming number of Non-JUPAS applicants we receive each year, only selected applicants will be invited for an individual interview that lasts approximately 15 minutes. We prefer to conduct face-to-face interviews, but Zoom interviews can also be arranged for students who are unable to attend in person.
  3. For applicants in the advance offer round, the interview date will be in early December, and the invitation email will be sent out in late November. Successful applicants will receive a conditional offer within two months after the interview. We recommend interested applicants to apply in the advance offer round.
  5. For regular or extended application deadline applicants, the interview date is usually within two months after the application. For more details, please refer to https://admission.cuhk.edu.hk/.

We believe that having students from diverse backgrounds can create a better learning environment that facilitates everyone's learning. Therefore, we offer courses to provide fundamental knowledge in business, finance, mathematics, and programming to help students with weaker backgrounds in specific fields. These courses can prepare our students for more advanced coursework.