QFIN Curriculum

  1. The Quantitative Finance (QFIN) Programme offers a comprehensive curriculum that consolidates students' financial knowledge foundation, quantitative analysis methods, business sense, and interpersonal skills. As a result, students undertaking this programme receive all-rounded training to become financial professionals, by taking courses from finance, business, mathematics, statistics, programming, language, and general education.
  3. During the first two years, students are required to take most of their core courses. Afterward, they can choose the area they want to focus on by taking elective courses (33 credits) and utilizing the 12 free credits. This allows students to select a minor in a field they are interested in. Some of the minors our students have chosen include Computer Science, Economics, French, Mathematics, Philosophy, Risk Management, and Statistics.
Category Sub-category Credits
Prgramme Requirements

Faculty Package (Accounting, Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics)

  Faculty Co-curricular Courses (Global Experiential Learning & Business Lecture Series) 3
  Required Courses (Finance, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics) 3
  Elective Courses (Finance, Business, and Quantitiave Methods) 33
University Core Requirements Language 13
  General Education 19
  Others 7
Free Electives   12
Total   123


Study Scheme:

Applicable to students admitted in 2024/25 

Applicable to students admitted in 2023/24 

Applicable to students admitted in 2022/23

Applicable to students admitted in 2021/22

Applicable to students admitted in 2020/21

Applicable to students admitted in 2019/20

Applicable to students admitted in 2018/19