Outstanding Achievements in CFA, CQA, and MIPC Competitions

We would like to extend our congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements in the following competitions:


McGill International Portfolio Challenge 2023

1st Runner-up

Chirsty, Yim Man Kei (QFIN Year 3)

Sea, Cheuk Sze Lon (QFIN Year 2)

Ray, Kan Cheuk Hin (QFIN Year 3)

Raymond, Li Tsz Tsun (QFIN Year 3)



Chandler, Sin Chak Ming (QFIN Year 4)

Jeffrey, Ng Ka Fai (QFRM Year 4)

Sally, Luo Xiulin (QFIN Year 2)


CFA Institute Research Challenge – Hong Kong Local Final 2023-24

1st Runner-up

Ethan, Zhang Chingto (QFIN, Year 2)

Maggie, Wang Chenyan (BBA-JD, Year 2)

Scott, Tang Sai-fung (IBBA, Year 3)

Tim, Yun Ka-ho (IBBA, Year 2)

Winston, Xue Kaihang (QFRM, Year 2)


2nd Runner-up

Bril, Xiang Zhuo (MBA, Year 1)

Evelyn, Yu Yan-ping (MBA, Year 2)

Gillian Del Mundo (MBA, Year 1)

Henry, Wang Yichun (MBA, Year 2)

Monica, Zhang Xian (MBA, Year 2)


CQA Investment Challenge 2023-24

2nd Runner-up

Florence, Chan Fuk Lam (QFIN Year 2)

Jackson, Chan Jackson (QFIN Year 2)

Jonathan, Cheng Yue Ming (GLEF Year 2)

Sunny, Cheung San Yu (QFIN Year 2)


The internal selection process for the aforementioned three competitions will be open in August/September and will be announced via mass emails. We eagerly anticipate your participation!